Achieve Packaging Excellence: Harness the Capabilities of the Box Compression Tester

Packaging manufacturing industries often perform compression strength tests on corrugated boxes to evaluate their resistance against external forces. These tests are crucial in determining the strength of corrugated cardboard boxes and their ability to withstand compression.

To conduct a compression test, Box Compression Tester a BCT (Box Compression Test) machine is employed. This testing machine applies a vertical load on the upper surface of a corrugated box to measure its strength. The test involves placing the sample between two parallel plates and applying pressure from both sides. This process allows for the measurement of the compression strength of the boxes.

Corrugated boxes, particularly single or double-ply cartons, are widely used for packaging purposes. They ensure the safe transportation and preservation of products from one location to another. It is imperative for these packaging boxes to possess sufficient strength, guaranteeing the safety of the contained products during transit and storage.

If you’re seeking to purchase a high-quality box compression tester, Pacorr Testing Instruments offers top-notch options. They provide a range of packaging testing machines that aid in assessing the properties of packaging materials.

In this blog, we will discuss the proper steps to effectively conduct a box compression test. Let’s begin:

  1. Ensure that all sides of the corrugated box are securely closed using appropriate tape.
  2. Safely connect the testing machine to a 220 Volts AC, 15 Amp switchboard.
  3. Place the sample in the center of the compression plates.
  4. Activate the machine and lower the compression plates toward the sample using the rotary switch.
  5. Apply a load of 2kgf to eliminate any gaps between the sample and the compression plate.
  6. Once the load is applied, press RESET & TARE to zero the peak load indicator.
  7. Initiate the test by adding the maximum weight to the sample for pass/fail analysis.


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