Start Building Your Financial Ark Part II

 Later I finally realized that it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how much you know and information you’ve accumulated, if you don’t take massive action on yoaxur information you’ll be left out in the cold just like anybody else without the information.

In other words, imagine yourself standing on train tracks with a train bearing down on your position; you have little time to get out of the way because the train is out of control and doesn’t care who’s in the way. You’re pointing at the train thinking, “Wow, there’s a train coming I’d better get off these tracks!” If you don’t take immediate action based on your current information it’s all over for you.

Also, don’t be looking at our government to help save you and your family from the train tracks, remember, if the government couldn’t even save the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, how in the world will it save an entire country when financial disaster comes barreling down towards it. Realize that it’s going to be up to you to recognize the dangers because this bureaucracy will be too busy with their own interests and much more concerned with saving itself.

And so this economical crisis has become my mission, to inform as many people as possible, like a voice from the wilderness, advocating what the experts are doing in protecting their assets and wealth from loss. Since I’m not the financial expert or analyst on dying economies from massive inflation, I am simply the messenger, a ‘Paul Revere’ (Noah was the first).

The experts have based their findings on financial numbers, economical indicators and historical facts of past empires who have had similar events occurring causing them to fail and collapse. You see, massive inflation has happened many times before (since the Roman Empire) and the new one coming down the tracks is going to make the 1939 Stock Market Crash look like a Sunday walk in the park.

Now you don’t need to believe me or take my word for it and I’m not trying to scare you; I don’t have time that. I’m just asking you to take some form of action on this information and see if it works for you; like trying on a new coat. If it’s a fit, great; if not, then simply put it back and move on.

Joseph, the interpreter of dreams (The Bible), told Pharaoh that his dreams meant seven years of plenty and prosperity then seven years of famine and drought. When Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of the seven years of plenty Egypt had enough surplus to sell to other countries during the seven years of famine.

Our seven years of plenty have already passed, deflation has started and gas and food prices are going up. Glenn Beck has been ‘strongly suggesting’ to start buying non-hybrid garden seeds and plant crisis gardens, as food insurance, should the economy go through a catastrophic meltdown.

That means you’ll learn how to preserve and store your bounty throughout the non growing season. When people are starving fresh food could become more valuable than gold and silver as a barter item. When our government is stockpiling food, shouldn’t we be doing the same?

Porter Stansberry states that, “If you live in an urban area, I recommend making sure you’ve got somewhere you can go as I firmly believe there could be riots, marches in the streets, bank runs, massive arrests, and periods of uncontrollable mayhem… I think there’s a very good chance we’ll see that in the next two years.”

My grandparents, the Davis familysneak a peek at this web-site., lived on a farm during the ‘Dirty Thirties’, the Great Depression, and grew most of their food. They had to work hard to keep the farm and survive but together they pulled through and overcame a great challenge.

Eventually they’ll become even more desperate and implement more policies to legally steal more of our money to save themselves from running out of revenue; like nationalizing 401K and private retirement plans. Do you honestly believe our current government is looking out for our best interests?

A foreign bank account will keep your money safe and beyond the reach of a desperate bureaucracy. As of now it’s perfectly legal to open an account and with less than $10,000 you do not have to report the assets; that’s including all combined foreign accounts in your name. By the same deal individual members of your family could do the same thing in their separate accounts overseas and not report it. It’s all legal, for now.

Since foreign banks are not allowed to advertise in the U.S., let me suggest to you to look into the possibilities with Caye (Key) Bank in Belize. I understand that it’s a safer bank than most U.S. banks.

Holding bullion gold and silver (and other metals) in an overseas account is another private and secure way to keep assets out of the reach of a desperate government. It’s not reportable, nor do they generate taxable income until you sell them. Don’t try to store your bullion in an American bank because policies could be changed making it very hard to pull your assets out. The government could also make it illegal to own gold in America like they did 80 years ago.

An alternative is investing in Switzerland’s ZürcherKantonalbank (ZKB) exchange-traded gold fund. ZKB is the state-run bank in the Swiss province of Zurich. ZKB is the third-largest bank in Switzerland, and is an extraordinarily safe institution. You’ll want to work with an experienced broker if you haven’t purchased foreign stocks before.

When you have your plot of ground or farm you should be ready and able to protect your garden like it’s gold in Fort Knox. How to do that you’ll need to figure that out for yourself just as long as you protect you and your property legally.

On the other hand if you know that America is going to be too hot for you to stay then why not buy some real estate overseas? This asset is perhaps the best way to have an offshore account because it’s not reportable and if it generates no income then you pay no taxes. For years people have invested in foreign real estate and now have a portfolio worth millions in offshore accounts and far from the clutches of the American government.

The publications International Living and Live and Invest Overseas are two great resources for learning more about international real estate opportunities.

In addition, real estate can be made more liquid if you place it in a corporation or trust. This makes it easier to sell or transfer your assets.

The Bank On Yourself concept uses a whole life insurance policy that can beat the pants off your Wall Street and financial “gurus” such as Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman.

Research has shown that less than 1 in 1,000 advisors fully understands this is a type of policy and with a whole life policy, designed properly, you receive a pre-set and contractually guaranteed increase every year. Neither your principal nor your gains are lost when the stock or real estate markets tumble and the growth in this type of policy is both guaranteed and exponential, meaning it gets better every single year, simply because you stick with it. In other words, when you take out a loan with your family bank you must make sure your pay it back with interest. Even the government will be unable to take over and weasel their way into your bank.

Just think, now you don’t have to die for your family to benefit from an insurance policy. You get to live and benefit from a life insurance policy that will pay dividends, while not guaranteed, but have been paid every single year for over 100 years, by some companies, including the Great Depression.

The following is what I would do if I had a little money and wanted to create new wealth now. Remember, you can either buy into theses ideas and take action, or you can say no thanks, put it back and move on. For those in the military and already wealthy you can do these things too.

(A) January, being the first of the year, 2011, I would start buying vegetable seeds for your crisis garden and start planning on where you want your garden to grow this coming spring. Work out the details of how big, what to plant, what’s your source of irrigation, how to protect your crop, how to harvest it. If there’s a surplus, will you sell it, barter it, preserve it for storage to eat come next winter? You’ll need to plan how much seed should you save for the next planting season.

At some point as inflation starts growing and evolves into hyperinflation your money resources may dwindle and dry up. Your garden could be the only thing sustaining you and your family as long you have taken security and protective measures against the usual suspects, lack of irrigation, weather, animals, weeds and insects.

Your biggest threat will be desperate and hungry people who didn’t listen or plan for an economical meltdown. BUT, they may have something you need in exchange for fresh food. That could be gold, silver (dollars will be worthless), property, a house or anything deemed an asset to you. If your garden expands and you need help then they may be more than willing to work for their food. Just be fair to both you.

Civility and being a good neighbor shouldn’t be thrown out the window just because of desperate times. Economical stability will eventually return and you will be remembered one way or another; one of the few who saved others or the SOB who starved children. I think you get the picture.

If you’re going to be serious about creating wealth NOW, you and your mastermind group will need a plan of action to fully understand how to become financially educated in order to legally and completely protect your family’s wealth from the financial scavengers of this world.

You will need a financial plan that will allow you to ‘earn while you learn’ and has already proven itself to work for others who carbon copied their energies, work ethics and plan of action after successful millionaires who did the same thing to get there. There is no re-inventing the wheel, just re-inventing you!

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